Birth Control (Contraception)

If you’re sexually active, or planning to be, it is important to consider your goals and dreams. Having sex is a big deal! If you’re in an intimate relationship and want to avoid becoming pregnant, planning ahead and being prepared with birth control is important. Let us help you determine which method is the best fit for you. Remember, abstinence (choosing not to have intercourse) is the only 100% effective form of birth control.

At Clear Choice Clinic, your birth control consult includes an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner, who will help you decide which method would best fit you and your lifestyle. This appointment and ongoing contraceptive care is at NO COST to you! You will pay only for your prescription.

Birth Control Methods Offered at CCC

  • Hormonal Methods
    • The Shot “Depo Provera”
    • Oral Contraceptives (Birth Control Pills)
    • Vaginal Ring “NuvaRing”
    • Contraceptive Patch
  • Barrier Method
    • Diaphragm

Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) - Long Acting Reversible Contraception (IUD, Implant “Nexplanon”) is an excellent, but expensive, option. Clear Choice Clinic is unable to provide services for LARC at this time, but our medical staff is most happy to explore other options that might work for you, or refer you to another clinic that may be able to help!

Emergency Contraception – Also called “The Morning After Pill”, is available over the counter, but is NOT a regular method of birth control. No one wants to take medication unnecessarily. If you have had unprotected sex or a failure in your birth control in the last 120 hours, Emergency Contraception is not always necessary. We can help you understand your options regarding The Morning After Pill. Call for an appointment and we will get you immediate help.